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storyforge studios provides editing, publishing, marketing and web content and design services to independent authors.

To find out more about our services, click the links above or contact us to tell us what you need and want for your project.

It is important to us to create a personalized and accessible relationship, with service to match, for every client.

In order to maintain that level of service for the artists we work with, we take on a limited number of clients. If we are unable to assist you, we will attempt to refer you to someone else.

book cover, eto volume 2

eto, is an anthology of poetry and short fiction by writers in Wales and North America. Volume 1 was published in March 2013, Volume 2 was published in April 2015, Volume 3 will be published in 2016

Volume 1 featured short fiction and poetry by Mike Jenkins, Lloyd Jones, Jude Johnson, Jean Mead, Chris Keil, Paul Steffan Jones, Thomas Morris, Gaynor Madoc Leonard, Saul Hughes and others.

Volume 2 contained English-language short fiction and poetry by Bel Roberts, Stuart Keir, Lloyd Jones, Sheila Lewis, Cynan Jones, Robert Nisbet, Richard Rhys Jones, John Good, Lesley Coburn, Ian Denning, Paul Worthington, Matthew D. Rhys, Gaynor Madoc Leonard, Philip Evans, Julie Samways and Meurig Jones.

eto is available in digital formats on smashwords and directly at, or in paperback at amazon.

book cover, When Kids Could Play Outside

When Kids Could Play Outside is author Tom Mansell's perilous, hilarious memoir of brazenly growing up a boy in the 1970s.

Every adventure, every embarassing memory, every wild and crazy idea, every moment of that shining possibility that lies before the cusp of adulthood is shared here with humor, honesty and affection for the people and places that shaped the author's life and the man he was to become.

When Kids Could Play Outside will be available 2016

book cover, Secret  Life of a Postman

Secret Life of a Postman, award-winning novelist Lloyd Jones' first English-language collection of poetry both examines universal human sensibility and bares intimate emotion and experience.

"The range and dimensions of these poems is, simply, quite staggering..."

Secret Life of a Postman is available in ebook for kindle on, the paperback edition will be available in 2016